Saturday, February 28, 2009

Me, My Mom, & I; Part One

I guess my mother is partially to blame for this...

Why? Well... I guess it goes back to the old TV show, "77 Sunset Strip" (snap, snap! Remember those finger snaps?) My mother loved murder mysteries... Books, movies, radio shows. (Yes, I remember those.) Any type of detective show, lawyer show, horror show. We watched them all. And I think the only reason for that was that Dad worked nights, and wasn't there to protest!

She and I watched them together. And when I was punished and sent to my room, I cheated... I had a "really cool" clock radio. It got FM channels! And if I moved the wire that served as an antenna, and clipped one of my hair clips to it, I got in the local TV channel that aired "Perry Mason" and I could listen to it on the radio! I thought I was so slick.

Anyway, I guess that's what started the "nosey" nature I have. And who knows, if I had done things differently, I might have just become a private eye for real, instead of a genealogist. Although I don't know which might have become more frustrating.

Yep, Mom always told me I had "nose trouble". I guess with my research, it's paid off. Not all the time, but some time. And I guess some is better than none.

I hope to put here, in this "blog creature" I've created, items I've "nosed out" of different places, my take on some of them, and of course, the always present "brick wall" that we all run into. Maybe some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and maybe even, some will make you say "Why didn't I think of that!", or the more plausable "Boy, she must be blonde!"

But, as I started thinking about this puppy last night just before midnight, and tried to go to sleep, and could only think about doing this, I'm half asleep, and don't even know if this makes any sense.

So as Alfred would say, Good Evening.

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  1. Yes, this makes good sense and I'm so glad you did it! It's apparent that you gave this a lot of thought. When I started my blog I did it on a whim and in about 5 minutes was blogging. I couldn't believe it because I'm not usually like that. This is wonderful, Lorraine!