Saturday, February 28, 2009

Me, My Mom, & I; Part Two

Ok, so now you want to know how I blame my mother for this...

It's really rather easy. She made me watch all the detective-type shows. I learned about sneaking around things, hunting up information, and having "nose trouble" made it much easier and much more fun!

From all those shows, I learned how to nose around, get ideas, and just be persistant in my hunt. Paul Drake on "Perry Mason", he guys from "77 Sunset Strip", "Hawiian Eye", and don't forget "Burke's Law"... I watched them with great envy, wishing I could snoop like they did!

Through my quest for knowledge of my ancestors, I've found out things that my mother never knew about her father. (Boy, is *that* a story!!) My father's parents had some secrets, too, and those are goodies, also!!

So keep in mind, "nose trouble" is not *always* trouble. It can be fun, interesting, and very, very enlightening! Guess there are worse things I could have gotten into!

Doesn't Mom look "ever so innocent" in this photo? I'll share "What I Learned From My Mother" in the next installment. I'm sure you'll enjoy that!

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  1. Okay, now you're going to have to tell us the story about your mom's father! I can't wait to read your stories, Lorraine!